Burton defends Government record on pay caps

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has defended the Government's record on pay caps for advisors.

Minister Burton says each case is examined on an individual basis and many have left well-paid private sector jobs to come and work in the public service.

It comes following the controversy over pay to senior executives at some hospitals and charities. It emerged that some are being paid top ups which takes their salary over the public sector pay guidelines.

Minister Burton has one advisor who is paid above the pay cap but she says she is satisfied her Department needs it.

"If you're asking me in relation to my own area, there is one Minister - myself - in that Department; in many Department's there are three or four, there's a senior minister and several ministers of state (and) in each case they may well have advisors," she said.

"I have two people who work with me," she added.

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