Bailout programme comes to a close

The world's media are descending on Dublin today as the government marks the end of the bailout.

The government's planning a series of press events throughout the day to mark the official end of the deal this weekend, before Enda Kenny addresses the nation on Sunday.

Minister Michael Noonan and Brendan Howlin will hold a press conference later this morning, where it is thought they may outline a mid-term economic strategy for the next three years.

The Government has been inundated with requests for interviews from international media, while European authorities are keen to promote the "though but firm" budget choices as an example of successful austerity policy.

Since 2010, Ireland has borrowed €67bn from international lenders, which will not be fully paid back for almost 30 years.

"55% of Irish bonds are held by foreigners, and the market is going to be a far hasher judge of the economic recovery than the Troika ever was," said Nick Bullman, founder of CheckRisk, a risk research and analysis firm.

"There is a real question of debt sustainability in Ireland."

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