Archbishop of Dublin: 'Kinahan/Hutch gang feud threat to democracy'

The Archbishop of Dublin says the Kinahan/Hutch gang feud is a threat to democracy.

Diarmuid Martin says the people involved are sober, cold and willing to kill for status.

Ten people have died in the ongoing feud over the past year, two of the victims were shot in cases of mistaken identity.

Diarmuid Martin said the violent feud is destructive for society and the affected communities.

Archbishop Martin says innocent families are getting caught up in the violence: "It's a real threat to democracy, these peope are saying we can run the country as we wish and we will decide what happens.

" I remember asking one garda what is a killing worth? He said it is not necessarily about financial reward, you get status, within the organisation and that is something that happens in all mafia type criminality."


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