Another poll this weekend disagrees with the drop in Labour support

A new opinion poll shows support for Fine Gael and Independents and others going up while Sinn Féin support is down.

The Labour Party and Fianna Fáil are unchanged.

The RED C survey for the Sunday Business Post does differ from another earlier poll showing Labour support had halved.

The poll was carried out among 1,010 people between Monday and Wednesday.

Fine Gael goes up 2% to 30% compared to last weekend, or up 4% compared to another Red C poll midweek for the Irish Sun.

Coalition partners Labour are unchanged in this poll compared to last weekend on 8%, or down 1% on the midweek.

Fianna Fáil are unchanged on 18%, but Sinn Féin drop 4% to 16%.

Independents and others go up 2 points to 28% - within that Independent candidates are on 14%, the People Before Profit/Anti Austerity Alliance are on 3%, Social Democrats on 4%, as are the Greens, while Renua are on 2% and others on 1%.

An earlier poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday among 1,026 people by Behaviour and Attitudes for the Sunday Times also had Fine Gael on 30%, but had Labour down at 4%, Fianna Fáil were on 22%, Sinn Féin on 15% and others on 29%.

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