• Wednesday Sep 03: Peter's words stun Carla. Stress gets the better of Kylie. Is the game up for Jason?

    Friday Sep 05: Ep 1: Will Tyrone discover the truth? Carla begins to doubt Peter's guilt. Max's behaviour is diagnosed.
    Ep 2: Jason's betrayal is exposed. Will Carla talk to the police? Kylie is amazed by Max's reaction.

    Sunday Sep 07: Rob digs up the past. The stakes are raised at the cricket match. Neil is an uninvited guest at Lloyd and Andrea's picnic.

  • Thursday Sep 04: Carol is delivered some life-changing news, while Bianca makes some big decisions of her own. After being caught by Dot, Charlie reveals Carol's ultimatum.

    Friday Sep 05: Alfie stumbles across an alternative way out of his mess. The atmosphere of the barbecue is ruined when the Walford police arrive.

    Monday Sep 08: Phil is blindsided when he receives some shocking information. With his relationship on the line, Mick decides to fight for Linda - but will it be enough to save them?

    Tuesday Sep 09: Phil desperately tries to seek out answers. Nancy is stunned when she makes a scandalous discovery. Alfie makes a promise to Kat, but will he be able to keep it?

  • Thursday Sep 04: Ep 1: Megan finally gets the proof she needs. Dan's guilt gets the better of him. Andy is contacted by a name from the past.
    Ep 2: Megan takes her evidence to Declan. Priya's loyalty is tested. Katie lays old ghosts to rest.

    Friday Sep 05: Robbie is set on ruining Charity. Nicola craves a change. Sam's spending catches up with him.

    Monday Sep 08: Charity runs out of options. Priya meddles in Kirin's love life. Jimmy gets a makeover.

    Tuesday Sep 09: Charity hits rock bottom. Laurel's concerns are mounting. Sam makes a rash decision.

  • Wednesday Sep 03: As Debbie struggles to prevent another Eoghan flare-up with Laura, Katy makes a startling revelation. Bela tries to change Christy's mind, but Sean begins to have doubts.

    Thursday Sep 04: Katy feels more and more alone as Eoghan ups the pressure, while Christy puts his drastic plan into action. Yvonne reels when Dan tells her the truth about his past.

    Sunday Sep 07: Christy accepts he is moving into a care home, while Katy rows with Eoghan and leaves to live with Laura. Yvonne gives Dan one more chance and an unhappy Robbie plots revenge.

    Tuesday Sep 09: News of an accident turns Niamh's world upside down, and Christy gets cold feet about the care home. While Carol's love life is in tatters, Dan and Yvonne move in together.

  • Wednesday Sep 03: Nate opens up to Susan, who puts in a good word for him with a baffled Chris. Kathy's goodbye lunch turns into a slanging match between Paige and Amber.

    Thursday Sep 04: Will Bailey's obsessive preparation for the 'Story Slam' pay off or will his nerves get the better of him? Josh and Naomi struggle to find a private place for their trysts.

    Friday Sep 05: A naked Josh makes a frantic escape from the share house backyard, only to run into Imogen, who challenges him on his secret affair with Naomi.

    Monday Sep 08: Terese confronts Brad about his secret birthday dinner with Lauren and Paige. Amber and Imogen's quarrel extends to their car. Georgia suffers an adverse reaction to her surgery.

    Tuesday Sep 09: Daniel suggests to Amber that they take a gap year together, much to Paul's disapproval. Susan makes an unwelcome discovery about Nate when she searches his bag.

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