• Wednesday Sept 24: Eileen is torn between her sons. Liz has a stand-off with Jim. Will Neil ever back down?

    Friday Sept 26: Ep 1: Deluded Neil makes a stand. Can Jason accept Todd's new home? Michael bites the bullet.
    Ep 2: Neil puts Andrea in danger. Has Kylie found an escape? Todd causes more upset.

    Monday Sept 29: Ep 1: Kylie is tempted to cross the line. What is Tim hiding from Sally? Neil says his final goodbyes.

    Ep 2: Can David forgive Kylie? Tim sparks Maddie's suspicions. Neil makes a swift exit.

  • Thursday Sept 25: Sharon tries to build some bridges to save her relationship, but will it change Phil's feelings?

    Friday Sept 26: It is Phil and Sharon's wedding and secrets and lies come to a head. Phil has to make a decision between the two women in his life. Roxy gets a surprise visitor and some even more surprising news.

    Monday Sept 29: It is time for the bride and groom to wed - if they can make it down the aisle. Roxy gives Aleks an ultimatum. Abi is devastated when Ben delivers some shocking news.

    Tuesday Sept 30: Shirley tries to sabotage Sharon and Phil's special day. The truth comes out between Tosh and Tina. Aleks desperately tries to get away from Walford when two unwelcome visitors arrive on the square.

  • Wednesday Sept 24: Declan reaches a crossroads. Megan and Robbie stick together. Moira struggles as she faces life without Adam.

    Thursday Sept 25: Ep 1: The trip away is not a relaxing break for Charity. Debbie discovers some news. Vanessa realises Priya has been hiding the truth.
    Ep 2: Declan is unwavering. Vanessa is unapologetic as she defends her relationship with Kirin. Aaron and Sandy despair as Edna is tortured by her past.

    Friday Sept 26: News spreads to the village. Vanessa and Kirin go public. Sandy is shocked to learn the truth about Edna's past.

    Monday Sept 29: The aftermath of the previous week is felt in the village. Sandy has a plan. Rakesh hits a nerve with Kirin.

    Tuesday Sept 30: Nicola jumps to conclusions. Edna's world is turned upside down. Doug looks to the future.

  • Wednesday Sept 24: Carol admits she has more than just friendly feelings for Dan, while Michael and Niamh pile the pressure on Paul.

    Thursday Sept 25: Paul makes a shocking plea to Niamh, whose attempts to reconcile with Callum and Rachel do not exactly go to plan.

    Sunday Sept 28: The fallout continues for the Brennans as a devastated Rachel watches her father struggle. Farrah and Sean are about to get a message from the grave. A desperate Carol reveals her true feelings to Dan, but is Yvonne about to overhear the truth?

    Tuesday Sept 30: As a heartbroken Yvonne struggles to cope with the revelation about Dan and Carol, Louise makes the situation worse. Niamh finds out just how angry Paul still is with her.

  • Wednesday Sept 24: Josh is not pleased with Terese's plan to buy the gym, but does not want to upset her. Instead, he proposes an alternative to Ricky, upsetting Terese anyway. Georgia tries to ascertain whether human error is responsible for the loss of her singing voice. Paige's efforts to impress Brennan with her outfit on their first official date go badly awry.

    Thursday Sept 25: Paige and Brennan patch things up after the blow-out which ensued when she arrived for their date wearing Kate's dress. Nate reluctantly agrees to give a talk about his experiences in Afghanistan, but speaking about his time there stirs up unpleasant memories. After their kiss, Bailey treats Alice mean to keep her keen, making the situation worse.

    Friday Sept 26: Can the combined efforts of Paul, Sonya, Toadie and Daniel get Paul re-elected mayor, with current mayor Sue Parker and her son Jayden so desperate to prevent it? Chris and Susan suspect that Nate is suffering from PTSD, but feel unqualified to help him. Imogen realises that she has feelings for Daniel and confesses as much to Naomi.

    Monday Sept 29: Encouraged by Susan to shut down her paranoia about Lauren, Terese invites the Willises to dinner at the Waterhole. Seeing Brad and Lauren having yet another private conversation during the evening pushes her to the brink and she publicly accuses Lauren of trying to steal her husband. Imogen realises that she has fallen for Daniel and tries to make a quick exit, a move which Amber misinterprets. Naomi gets a shock when Sheila's new boyfriend, Alan, kisses her.

    Tuesday Sept 30: Terese struggles with the fallout from her outburst, only half-apologising to Lauren at Brad's behest. Paige steps in to try to reason with Terese, but Terese reacts badly. Toadie takes to his bike to prove to Karl that the injury he sustained to his behind is now behind him. Georgia is unconvinced that the hospital staff are telling her the full story about her surgery.

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