• Wednesday July 30: Will Gail be forced to make a choice? Dennis reveals his true colours. A sit-in protest is held for the library.

    Friday Aug 1: Max causes havoc on the street. Can Yasmeen and Roy set aside their differences? Amy winds Simon up at the pool party.

    Ep 2: Will Kylie accept David's concerns? Roy and Yasmeen's campaign goes awry. Amy gets Maddie into trouble.

    Monday Aug 4: Ep 1: Ken has an unexpected homecoming. Will Max's behaviour be explained? Todd's methods impress Tony.

    Ep 2: Can Ken forgive Deirdre? Kylie struggles to accept Max's diagnosis. Jason has a proposition for Tyrone.

  • Thursday July 31: Dean is left furious after a shocking development, and is even angrier when he realises who has betrayed him. Will a panicked Shirley's secret finally be revealed to Mick? Lee comes up with a unique plan to help Liam and himself at the same time.

    Friday Aug 1: No episode listed for today.

    Monday Aug 4: Alfie comes up with a scheme but his day doesn't go as planned and he receives some surprise visitors. The police have a request for Ian, but will he agree to go ahead with it? Walford marks the World War One centenary.

    Tuesday Aug 5: Mick prepares to face his demons, but will he be able to go through with it? Ian is feeling the pressure and his actions land another Walford resident in trouble. Seeking the truth, Kat is delivered a bombshell.

  • Wednesday July 30: Finn is devastated by the truth. Jai finds a way to let go of his frustration. Harriet continues to stir up mischief.

    Thursday July 31: Ep 1: Adam makes a reckless decision. Jai covers his tracks. Finn demands answers from Ross.

    Ep 2: Adam spirals out of control. Finn wants to satisfy his curiosity. Harriet's jealousy does not go unnoticed.

    Friday Aug 1: Moira battles to get through to Adam. Pete discovers Finn's plan. Sean is conflicted about his future.

    Monday Aug 4: Moira makes a heartbreaking decision. Paddy feels compromised. Ali pushes Belle to come clean.

    Tuesday Aug 5: There is a shock in store for Donna and Marlon. Sean is heartbroken. Cain decides to help the only way he knows how.

  • Wednesday July 30: As Paul reels, Callum challenges Robbie over breaking their deal, but Robbie dangles another proposal. Eoghan rages when he assumes Katy stayed with Laura. Sean struggles to care for Christy, and Judith and Bob face painful memories of Tommy.

    Thursday July 31: Christy has a surprise visitor and Sean finds himself sidelined, while Eoghan remains in denial that Katy is a lesbian. Robbie makes Callum an offer he cannot refuse, and Mondo is forced to go on a double date with Louise and Decco.

    Sunday Aug 3: No episode listed for today.

    Tuesday Aug 5: When Robbie pressures Callum to return to a life of crime, he receives some shocking advice from Jane. Farrah forces Christy to confront his past, and Laura tells Debbie some home truths. Louise buys none of it when Kerri-Ann tries to defend a guilty Mondo.

  • Wednesday July 30: Sonya comes to the realisation that she will have to spend less time with her good friend Brennan if she wants to concentrate on getting her marriage back on track. Georgia and Kyle engage Sheila as their wedding planner, a decision they quickly come to regret. When Lauren's mother Kathy arrives in town, Paige learns something heartening about her birth mother, but is simultaneously turned against the new arrival.

    Thursday July 31: Brad begins work as a teacher at Erinsborough High, much to Josh and Imogen's discomfort. Trying to show initiative, he comes up with a host of new ideas which are given short shrift by Susan. Paige inadvertently prompts Lauren to put aside her grievances towards Kathy, causing trouble for herself when Kathy is invited to stay. Bailey faces stiff competition as he applies for a place at space camp.

    Friday Aug 1: Paige begins to formulate a plan for revenge on Kathy, and so tries to get on her good side. Amber and Daniel are forced to spend time alone with Josh at an exhibition. Upon closer inspection of Amber's photography, Josh finally starts to suspect that the two may be more than just friends. In class, Brad's attempts to assert his authority over his own children end in disaster.

    Monday Aug 4: Joshua deduces that Amber's online friend is actually Daniel. Seeking further answers he walks into the darkroom to find them kissing. Sheila and Naomi's feud refuses to simmer down. Despite Kate's killer being behind bars, Paul's withdrawn attitude causes concern, leading Daniel to ask Karl to offer his uncle some help. After Imogen and Josh skip school, Brad realises his role as a father is going to take some time to perfect.

    Tuesday Aug 5: Josh, anguished at the image of Daniel and Amber kissing, finally lets his frustration out by trashing the darkroom. Amber seeks forgiveness and understanding from Imogen, but gets a frosty reception. The emotional strain of keeping away from her mother takes its toll on Lauren, and gives Paige the opportunity to get to know Kathy. But can she ever forgive her for giving her away?

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