• Wednesday May 20: There is drama on Steve's stag do. Loved up Maddie and Sophie take the next step. Will Zeedan take Kal's advice?

    Friday May 22: Ep 1: Will Carla scupper Tracy's plans for the Rovers? Nick plays happy families. Shocked Andrea finds out where Lloyd is.
    Ep 2: Can Tony keep bitter Tracy under control? David threatens to reveal Andy's secret. Roy and Cathy strike up a deal.

    Monday May 24: Tracy blows Liz's world apart. Jenny sets her warped plan in motion. Zeedan struggles with Kal's plans to propose to Leanne.

    Tuesday May 26 Will Tracy wreak havoc on Steve's wedding day? Leanne is close to her happily ever after. Jenny readies to kidnap Jack.

  • Thursday May 21: Alfie receives some life-changing news. Two residents share a tipsy kiss, leading to secrets being spilled. Cindy questions her decision to let Ian and Jane adopt Beth, and Carol offers a solution.

    Friday May 22: Alfie struggles to come clean to Kat about his news - will he be able to tell her the truth? Shabnam is rocked to the core as her world falls apart.

    Monday May 25 Masood makes a startling discovery, sending shockwaves through the family. Kim and Donna come to blows over Vincent. Stacey has a proposition for Martin.

    Tuesday May 26 Kush's mum Carmel arrives in Walford, but what will she make of her son's friends and family? Kim takes a risk for Vincent, but is all as it seems? Ronnie takes drastic action to try to regain control of her life.

  • Wednesday May 20: Laurel sinks to a new low. Jai is delighted to have his own way at last. Carly takes an interest in the shop.

    Thursday May 21: Laurel spirals out of control. Debbie hopes Zak can talk some sense into Ross. Betty returns to the village.

    Friday May 22: Ashley supports Laurel. Zak takes a big gamble. Betty gives Adam some sage advice.

    Monday May 25 Betty says farewell to Emmerdale. Ross risks his life. Bob dupes Brenda into helping Carly.

    Tuesday May 26 Archie has an accident. Pete struggles with his jealousy. Rakesh reacts badly to the news of Vanessa's pregnancy.

  • Wednesday May 20: Jackie, Pete and Doug face a volatile situation when they try to help Neil. Cass's efforts to expose Charlotte backfire. Juliet's meddling complicates Kerri-Ann's attempts to quell tensions between Mondo and Decco. And Eoghan has a surprise in store for Debbie.

    Thursday May 21: No episode listed for tonight.

    Sunday May 24 Jo is unimpressed with Mondo's parenting skills and a stressed Rachel is tempted by Charlotte. Dan's attitude to an old friend in trouble frustrates Robbie. Doug is shocked when he is confronted by the extent of Neil's mania.

    Tuesday May 26 Neil attends his assessment and announces that he has been given the all-clear, but Doug discovers that he is lying. Charlotte seizes an opportunity to sabotage Rachel's revision plans. Dan persuades Robbie to let him help with the job and Jo attempts to teach Juliet some good manners.

  • Wednesday May 20: Paige tries to appease Michelle by offering her a token amount of money to replace the stolen car, but unwittingly finds herself caught up in the racket. Naomi is devastated when Paul claims that what he felt for her was not real, but the decision to call things off is hurting him more than he can reveal. Imogen and Nate get into a heated debate about the pros and cons of cycling which culminates in a rather unfortunate accident.

    Thursday May 21: Paige tells Tyler that she will help out at the garage until they can find a way out of their difficulties. Imogen and Nate become friends after the accident. Naomi hands in her notice, only to change her mind later. Terese learns that Ezra Hanley is her new boss.

    Friday May 22: Ezra pushes Terese harder and harder, eventually breaking her resolve and forcing her to consider resigning. Danni fears that she is facing jail time for Matt's accident and tells Josh that he should not feel obliged to help her. Amber tries to bridge the gap with Daniel, but when the couple bump into Josh and Danni a fight breaks out. While searching through Nick's files, Karl is shocked to learn that Georgia's mum was one of his patients.

    Monday May 25 Terese quits, telling Ezra that he is the most repugnant man she has ever met. Meanwhile, Brad receives word that Ezra's son will be starting at school. Daniel opens up to Imogen about why the incident with Josh has caused him so much angst. Georgia spots Karl and Rhonda chatting and suspects that something is wrong, leading her mum to admit that her cancer has returned.

    Tuesday May 26 Ezra's son Clem provokes Brad into giving him detention but then claims that he is being picked on, forcing Susan to instruct them not to be alone together. Paige and Tyler spend another night working in the garage stripping cars, but are alarmed when a suspicious Brennan knocks on the door wondering who is inside at the late hour. When Toadie gives Sonya a slanket for mother's day, she worries that he thinks of her as boring and matronly.

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