• Wednesday July 29: Cathy is trapped in her own home. Alya faces an unexpected surprise. Sarah confronts Callum about the other women in his life.

    Friday July 31: Roy takes Cathy for a day out. Beth finds a pregnancy testing kit in the Underworld bin. Can Audrey unite her warring family?
    Cathy is worried about living alone as a hoarder. Alya confesses the truth to Sinead. Kylie returns with news of David.

    Monday August 3: Max gives Sarah a shock. Carla returns to face her demons. Sally has high hopes for Tim.
    Sarah realises just what Callum is capable of. Carla continues to shut herself off. Sally refuses to join Tim on holiday.

  • Thursday July 30: One resident finds themselves being accused of the unthinkable. Paul reaches breaking point when Claudette arrives at Pam and Les's centenary party - will he finally come clean to his nan?

    Friday July 31: The Cokers struggle to remain united following earlier events. One resident's world spirals when their own family turns against them.

    Monday August 3: Denise prepares a birthday party for Libby, but with tensions high, will all go to plan? Pam comes clean about her fears. Dean encourages Roxy to be honest about their relationship.

    Tuesday August 4: Vincent finds himself in a dangerous situation, forcing Kim to make a decision about their relationship. Roxy finds herself caught between Dean and Ronnie.

  • Wednesday July 29: Moira learns of Cain's betrayal. Ross makes plans with Debbie. Marlon gets a shock.

    Thursday July 30: Is Ross's secret out? Sandy suffers an accident. Chrissie tells Lachlan what Robert has done.
    It is decision time for Debbie. Chrissie makes a drunken mistake. Ruby rescues Sandy.

    Friday July 31: Chrissie makes an unlikely ally. Finn panics when Ross threatens the wedding. Zak goes out of his way to help Joanie.

    Monday August 3: Ross has revenge in mind. Lachlan meddles with Lawrence's medication. Diane gives Val some news.

    Tuesday August 4: It is Debbie and Pete's wedding day. Cain is asked to sort out Ross. Chrissie sees red.

  • Wednesday July 29: Louise is furious with Hayley when her photo shoot turns seedy. Neil causes more trouble for Doug in work and Ama stands her ground with Lenka, but he has another trick up his sleeve. Meanwhile, Dermot receives some shocking news.

    Thursday July 30: Louise attempts to get back at Hayley, but may have gone too far. Jo is worried that Deirdre has an agenda, but a mourning Dermot does not notice. Meanwhile, Neil's intervention on Doug's behalf does not go according to plan, leaving Paul fuming.

    Sunday August 2: No episode listed for today.

    Tuesday August 4: Neil gets his own back on a manipulative Paul, much to Pete's shame. Jo and Dermot decide to let Deirdre meet Ben under the guise of his auntie. Ama struggles to put Lenka in his place and Dean is shocked when Louise receives threats.

  • Wednesday July 29: With Paige by his side, Brennan races to an abandoned carpark to find Tyler in the middle of a confrontation with Dimato. Terese is noticeably disappointed when Paige decides to stay in Erinsborough after all. Naomi's 'hotel box' promotion hits a snag and she is forced to take extreme measures.

    Thursday July 30: Sheila offers to make dinner for Paul and Naomi in an effort to apologise for interfering in their relationship. Nate and Aaron end their time in Naomi's promotional box with a passionate kiss. Karl is perturbed when Jimmy unearths copies of the Ramsay Street secrets. Kyle and Amy place a bet on the outcome of the unique trader competition - the loser has to run through Lassiter's naked.

    Friday July 31: Amber blasts Josh for lying to her about losing his job, and tells him that he needs to do some growing up. Jimmy's extortion racket pushes Sheila to the brink. Paul saves the day when the Canning/Robinson dinner risks descending into chaos. In an effort to put a stop to Jimmy's ransom demands, Susan reveals her secret to Karl.

    Monday August 3: Despite pressure from Kyle, Paul and Naomi, Sheila remains silent about the real reason for shaking Jimmy. With the reality of her part in Dimato's arrest hitting home, Paige is worried that Joey Dimato will seek revenge. Aaron and Josh bond over their mutual unemployment and Josh suggests they form a dance troupe.

    Tuesday August 4: Daniel makes a spontaneous decision at the end of a romantic day out with Imogen. Brennan investigates the vandalism at the Turner house. Terese worries that Paige is still trying to get her parents back together and reveals her theory to Brad. Toadie and Sonya cannot find a solution to Nell's biting. Kyle and Amy grow closer and agree to do the magazine photo-shoot together.

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