• Wednesday Sept 17: Jim lays down the law with Peter. Can Tony persuade Tyrone? Maddie keeps Eccles out of harm's way.

    Friday Sept 19: Ep 1: Will Tracy reveal Jim's schemes? Michael receives shocking news. Maddie struggles to hide Eccles.
    Ep 2: Will Steve forgive Jim? Michael fears for his future. The game is up for Maddie.

    Monday Sept 22: Ep 1: Ken and Deirdre fear the worst. Can the Grimshaws heal their rift? Michael avoids a diagnosis.

    Ep 2: Will Liz help the Barlows? Todd is devastated by Eileen's words. Gail stands by her man.

  • Thursday Sept 18: The Walford residents come to terms with the impact of recent events. Tina is delivered some devastating news. Phil's behaviour catches up with him when he is caught in the act.

    Friday Sept 19: Phil is stunned when he is delivered a bombshell. After overhearing some upsetting gossip, Shirley takes matters into her own hands. Masood is surprised when he discovers the truth behind Shabnam's lie.

    Monday Sept 22: Phil's stag do promises to be eventful, as both Jay and Shirley have surprises in store for him.

    Tuesday Sept 23: Shirley is horrified when a familiar face turns up at the Vic. A drunken Dean makes an unexpected proposition to Tosh.

  • Wednesday Sept 17: Adam prepares for the worst. Debbie struggles to pick up the pieces. Jai takes the cowardly route.

    Thursday Sept 18: Ep 1: Alicia decides to play Cupid. Noah puts himself in harm's way. Ross's protective streak takes hold.
    Ep 2: Charity wants answers. Bob sees Ross in a new light. Leyla's tongue runs loose.

    Friday Sept 19: Megan is put under the spotlight. Finn fears he has lost his brother. Priya is outraged by her latest discovery.

    Monday Sept 22: Jai is impulsive as he suspects Megan of poisoning Noah. Declan plans a getaway with Charity. Adam faces an uncertain future.

    Tuesday Sept 23: Megan is worried. Moira lashes out after Adam is sentenced. Doug's unusual secret is exposed.

  • Wednesday Sept 17: Niamh is horrified as Paul's anger turns to violence. Dan discovers too late that Robbie has set him up while Christy suffers a set back.

    Thursday Sept 18: Carol comes to Dan's rescue just in the nick of time. Niamh faces the reality of her actions, while Sean makes a heartbreaking discovery.

    Sunday Sept 21: Niamh makes a heartbreaking decision and the Brennans present a united front, while Dan and Carol confront Robbie.

    Tuesday Sept 23: Paul steadfastly refuses to let Niamh see Ruth, while an emotional Carol is in turmoil.

  • Wednesday Sept 17: Susan is in a state of shock following the emergency tracheotomy she was forced to perform in order to save Lou's life. As the town attempts to deal with the aftermath of the tornado, Paul does some soul-searching. Lauren is relieved that Lou is out of danger, but less happy when he accidentally reveals in front of Matt that he knows her 'secret' - her kiss with Brad all those weeks ago.

    Thursday Sept 18: As Matt reacts badly to Lauren's confession, she is left wondering about the state of their marriage. Her fears only intensify as Matt uses the tornado clean-up operation as an excuse not to come home. Brad, meanwhile, is obliged to also explain the situation to Terese, who issues him with a set of rules regarding his proximity to Lauren.

    Friday Sept 19: Lauren and Terese try to take control of their marital problems in different ways. Susan is still shaken after the medical emergency and turns to Nate for help, who tells her about his experiences in Afghanistan. Imogen and Daniel bond over an injured wallaby during the clean-up operation. Relations between Bailey and his space camp nemesis Alice take a surprising turn.

    Monday Sept 22: Lauren attempts to make amends with Terese, but Terese cannot put the betrayal behind them. Paige is unnerved when she learns about Lauren and Brad's kiss. Realising that he was out of line, Nate promises that he will never treat Chris violently again. Paul quietly begins his campaign to become mayor, starting with a plan to rebuild after the tornado - but not everyone is pleased with the idea.

    Tuesday Sept 23: The fallout from Lauren and Brad's kiss continues, with Terese demanding to know Brad's every move and Matt struggling even to be in the same room as Lauren. Meanwhile, Terese makes a snap business decision. On the morning that Paul had planned to launch his mayoral campaign at the nursery, Sonya and Toadie discover that the place has been looted, leading Paul to suspect sabotage. Karl has some shocking news for Georgia.

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