• Wednesday Oct 15: Will Carla go with her gut feeling? A heartbroken Roy plans to move on. Steve hides from the world.

    Friday Oct 17: Ep 1: Can Roy finally let go of Hayley? Peter tries to keep his cool. Tony and Liz are at loggerheads.
    Ep 2: Distraught Roy faces devastation. The judge sums up at Peter's trial. Audrey is rather taken with Luke.

    Monday Oct 20: Ep 1: The countdown is on for Peter's verdict. Unnerved Roy isolates himself. How will Liz react to Jim's news?

    Ep 2: Peter's verdict is announced. The McDonalds are in uproar. How will Roy cope?

  • Thursday Oct 16: Max is left reeling when Emma reveals some shocking information. Linda attempts to confront her demons, but things take a dramatic turn for the worse, leaving her family horrified.

    Friday Oct 17: Peter and Lauren are worried when they discover they are being followed. Ronnie and Charlie grow closer, much to Dot's delight. Linda finds herself growing further away from Mick as she struggles to cope with recent events.

    Monday Oct 20: Phil returns from hospital and is horrified when he finds out that Ronnie and Charlie are an item. New stall holder Kush arrives in Walford and immediately infuriates Shabnam. Kat prepares to leave hospital and, unsure of who she is now, seeks advice from Stacey.

    Tuesday Oct 21: Charlie and Ronnie reveal some home truths to one another, but can their relationship take the strain? Mick invites Dean and Stacey round for drinks, leaving Linda feeling uncomfortable. Alfie finally hears back from the insurance company, but will their decision be one Alfie wants to hear?

  • Wednesday Oct 15: Charity is stunned to realise the identity of her captor. Rakesh needs a dinner date. Katie plays cupid.

    Thursday Oct 16: Ep 1: There are concerns that Charity could be in danger. Kirin uses Rakesh and Priya for his own gain. Doug puts his foot in it.
    Ep 2: Charity's welfare is put further at risk. Doug's mistake has repercussions. Kirin fears he has pushed things too far.

    Friday Oct 17: Charity is not in a good way. Andy and Katie book a date for their big day. Kerry has a plan to bag some extra cash.

    Monday Oct 20: Attempts to build bridges fall flat. Megan takes extreme measures to justify her suspicions. Doug is left feeling embarrassed.

    Tuesday Oct 21: Megan confronts Jai. Vanessa's blind date makes Kirin jealous. Jimmy is forced to admit his true feelings.

  • Wednesday Oct 15: Judith struggles to face the truth about her past relationships, while Niamh realises she needs to play dirty too. Damien and Caoimhe grow closer when a fire drill brings back bad memories for Caoimhe.

    Thursday Oct 16: Judith is devastated by Tommy's insistence that they have no future. Damien and Caoimhe's friendship takes a romantic turn, while Paul attacks Michael.

    Sunday Oct 19: Hughie has to face the truth about himself and Judith makes a shocking revelation to Caoimhe. Paul resolves to make life tough for Niamh, while Damien makes a decision.

    Tuesday Oct 21: Dermot is caught in the middle as Paul and Niamh clash. While a desperate Hughie seeks financial backing, Renee begins to face up to her drink problem. Pete is rocked by a face from his past and Caoimhe and Damien announce their relationship.

  • Wednesday Oct 15: Chris finally learns that it was Josh who attacked him and is left hurt and confused. Nate persuades Josh to take a ride with him - what does he have in store for his boyfriend's attacker? Georgia and Kyle consider postponing the wedding to allow Chris to be there. Brennan decides to take the job to act as a honeytrap to catch Dakota. Toadie and Sonya have a difference of opinion regarding parenting choices.

    Thursday Oct 16: Nate is tempted to punish Josh as he drives him to a remote location, but checks himself just in time. There is a surprise visit from Karl and Susan's son, Mal, who tells them that he and his wife are expecting a baby. The Kennedys begin to think about whether they should relocate to London. A Turner family brunch results in a possible love interest for Lou.

    Friday Oct 17: Karl and Susan come to a decision about where they should live. Kyle feels uneasy when he discovers that one of his good friends is unable to come to the wedding and then becomes convinced that he has unleashed a curse when he sees Georgia in her dress. Georgia tries to allay his fears, but a final disaster strikes on the big day as Georgia finds herself far from home.

    Monday Oct 20: It's the day of Georgia and Kyle's wedding but as Sheila and Sonya arrive to beautify the bride, she is nowhere to be seen. Georgia is in fact trapped in another town with a flat car battery. Chris manages to escape the hospital for the day to fulfil his role as Kyle's best man, just a Georgia arrives back in Erinsborough in the nick of time, having hitched a lift. At the wedding reception, Matt is propositioned by Kyle's mother.

    Tuesday Oct 21: Lauren finds a hotel key card in Matt's pocket and wants to know where he was the previous evening. Daniel's lackadaisical attitude to managing Dakota's bar causes Paul concern - but should he be more concerned about what she is really up to? Georgia and Kyle realise that they forgot to do something very important the night before.

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