• Wednesday April 16: Carla gives Peter an ultimatum. Maria finally confronts Todd. Owen is confused by Anna's behaviour.

    Friday April 18: Ep 1: Will Tyrone resist Maria? Carla stands by a broken Peter. Rita receives news of Dennis.
    Ep 2: Desperate Maria sinks to a new low. Guilt-ridden Peter agrees to go to rehab. Will Rita throw Dennis a lifeline?

    Monday April 21: Ep 1: Has Maria been caught red handed? The pressure gets too much for Carla. Rob and Tracy stock Tony's dodgy goods.
    Ep 2: Steve confronts a horrified Tina. Will Maria come clean? Sharif is not impressed with Leanne's credentials.

  • Thursday April 17: Fed up of Lucy being Ian's golden girl, Cindy decides it is time he learnt the truth. Lucy gets what she wants, but is she truly happy? Mick comes up with a cunning plan.

    Friday April 18: After being caught out, Lucy's world comes crashing down around her. Whitney is heartbroken after Lauren fills her in on recent events. Denise cannot hide her true feelings.

    Monday April 21: Ian desperately tries to make amends for his actions, unaware that his world is about to change forever. Denise confides in Shabnam about her plans for the future.

    Tuesday April 22: A distraught Ian has to share some life-changing news with his family, and an unlikely local steps in to help when Lady Di goes into labour.

  • Wednesday April 16: Megan finds Charity's pregnancy test. Cain tells Moira that they cannot get married with everything that is happening with Belle. Val plans to dump Ian.

    Thursday April 17: Ep 1: Declan tries to convince Charity to keep the baby. Pollard is hurt by Val's attempts to make him jealous. Chas asks James if he is okay with Moira marrying Cain.

    Ep 2: Jai is furious that Charity is pregnant. Pollard sells Val's things outside the Woolpack. Harriet suspects Edna may be Dom's mystery benefactor.

    Friday April 18: Charity is rattled when Declan admits Debbie tried to warn him off marrying her. James is surprised to hear Adam is 22. Victoria tells Pollard that Val has dumped Ian.

    Monday April 21: Moira squirms as James realises the significance of Adam's age. Charity is vexed when Declan tells Noah about the new sibling. Megan pays Jai a visit he will never forget.

    Tuesday April 22: Desperate Moira struggles to silence James. Zak goes to extreme lengths to save Belle from prison. Finn is caught attempting to return Declan's stolen credit card.

  • Wednesday April 16: Paul and Niamh prepare as the opening day for the new development arrives, but Niamh's world is thrown into turmoil when a dark secret from her past comes back to haunt her.

    Thursday April 17: With Michael determined to keep his job in the garage, Niamh resorts to desperate measures to keep her affair a secret. Tommy seeks revenge on Bob for reporting him to the Guards.

    Sunday April 20: Judith's fragile mental state is pushed to the edge by Tommy. Meanwhile, Paul invites an unwelcome guest to an awkward Easter dinner, and Wayne's wedding plans begin to unravel.

    Tuesday April 22: Yvonne decides to wear her heart on her sleeve, but Dan does not reciprocate. Decco makes moves on an unsuspecting Kerri-Ann, while Tommy's self-control goes out the window.

  • Wednesday April 16: Sheila is frustrated when Naomi turns down another job, this time a role as Toadie's assistant. Bailey thinks he has found a lead in the search for his estranged half-sister.

    Thursday April 17: Lauren and Brad, acting on Bailey's tip, believe that they might have found Lisa, the girl who was taken from them at birth and fly her down to Erinsborough.

    Friday April 18: After saying goodbye to Lisa, Lauren evaluates the emotional toll that looking for her child has taken and calls off the search. Karl returns from England with a new look.

    Monday April 21: The Shooting Part 1: A series of unfortunate events stifle Brennan's romantic plans, until he eventually gets Kate to himself on her birthday. They are not as alone as they think, however.

    Tuesday April 22: The Shooting Part 2 The town reacts to the shooting with shock and sadness, then accusations start flying. Zeke makes a series of mysterious phone calls. Kyle leaves for Thailand.

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