• Wednesday Dec 17: David strives for a perfect Christmas. Has Alya had a change of heart? Tracy considers a business proposal.

    Friday Dec 19: Tracy awaits news of Rob's fate. Is Steve getting obsessed? Steph holds the fort.

    Monday Dec 22: Ep 1: Tony regrets a moment of madness. Will Lloyd lend an ear to Steve? Steph stands up for herself.

    Ep 2: Gary faces up to the consequences. What is Callum up to? Steve plans the perfect Christmas.

  • Thursday Dec 18: Two of the residents are forced to make a life-changing decision. Santa's grotto comes to the Vic, and there's a familiar face behind the red suit.

    Friday Dec 19: Fingers are pointed in all directions as more evidence comes to light in Lucy's murder investigation.

    Monday Dec 22: Stacey continues to push Linda for information - is her silence finally over? Emma discovers some surprising new evidence in the Lucy Beale investigation. Dot is in for a huge shock when she returns home.

    Tuesday Dec 23: Johnny makes an unexpected announcement. Kush makes it his mission to change Shabnam's mind about Christmas. Dean drops a bombshell.

  • Wednesday Dec 17: Robert must act quickly to protect his secret. Will Harriet help Finn find his mum? There is a surprise at Archie's party.

    Thursday Dec 18: Ep 1: Robert is unnerved as Lawrence plans revenge. Belle shocks Vanessa and Paddy. Pollard is frustrated at Val's charity efforts.
    Ep 2: Is the net closing in on Robert? Val's charity evening does not go to plan. Rakesh worries about Kirin's future.

    Friday Dec 19: Robert schemes to get Lawrence off Ross's back. Rakesh has news for Charity. Rakesh and Priya form a plan.

    Monday Dec 22: Charity pushes Moira too far. Kirin enjoys playing games with Rakesh. Nicola's plan leaves Bernice furious.

    Tuesday Dec 23: Moira and Charity's feud angers Cain. Adam is taken aback by Robert's offer. Kirin's future plans leave Vanessa uneasy.

  • Wednesday Dec 17: Dan rejects help from an old enemy, forcing Carol to go behind his back. Mondo's neglect of Juliet prompts Ray to teach him a lesson. As Dolores's dislike of Jackie grows, Charlie finds the prospect of facing Christmas too much.

    Thursday Dec 18: Dan bears witness as Yvonne finally feels the full force of Carol's rage. As Charlie's mood grows worse, Cass is determined to cheer him up.

    Sunday Dec 21: Dolores' bingo night almost comes a cropper, but Jackie saves the day. Mondo has an unpleasant reminder that Juliet is a chip off the old block, while Charlie realises that he cannot face Christmas without Esther. Do Yvonne's revelations mean the end of the road for Carol and Dan?

    Tuesday Dec 23: No episode listed for today.

  • Wednesday Dec 17: No episode listed for today.

    Thursday Dec 18: No episode listed for today.

    Friday Dec 19: No episode listed for today.

    Monday Dec 22: No episode listed for today.

    Tuesday Dec 23: No episode listed for today.

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