• Wednesday April 23: Can Leanne resist Kal for much longer? Steve tells a worried Tina a few home truths. Smitten Tracy makes Rob an offer.

    Friday April 25: Ep 1: Nick drops a bombshell on Leanne. Will David persuade Maria to confess? Owen tries to stick up for Anna.
    Ep 2: Leanne gives Kal and Nick the wrong impression. Owen is deeply concerned for Anna. Brazen Maria causes more trouble.

    Monday April 28: Ep 1: Nick hopes for a future with Leanne. Fiz becomes jealous of Tyrone and Maria. Has Sophie had enough of Maddie?
    Ep 2: Kal takes his frustration out on Nick. Kevin gives Maddie another chance. Are Tyrone and Maria growing closer?

  • Thursday April 24: Furious with Cindy, Ian makes a drastic decision. When he finds it difficult to talk to his dad, Peter leans on an old friend. Denise is shocked when she learns the truth.

    Friday April 25: When the police arrive it becomes clear that more than one Walford resident is hiding something. Ian realises he has made a mistake, but is it too late?

    Monday April 28: After recent events, Jane is torn about how to behave and makes a drastic decision. Peter is left devastated by some harsh comments, and it is judgement day for Kat.

    Tuesday April 29: Denise makes an important life choice and is thankful for a helping hand. Tina offers Sonia her support, but Sonia's reaction surprises her. Shabnam is overcome with guilt.

  • Wednesday April 23: James stands to lose more than money when 10,000 pounds goes missing. Zak's health suffers when Belle insists on pleading guilty. Finn ups the stakes by stealing Declan's identity.

    Thursday April 24: Ep 1: Cain puts Belle in greater jeopardy on the day of her plea hearing. Moira shows James no mercy over the missing money. Debbie is irked by Pete's familiarity.
    Ep 2: The Dingles panic as Belle is due to make her plea - but where is she? Debbie decides to dig into Pete's past. Rhona is concerned that Laurel is being taken advantage of by Donna.

    Friday April 25: Fraught Sean confesses to murdering Gemma. Kerry and Jimmy battle for the keys to Pear Tree. Ross jumps to conclusions when he sees Debbie with another man.

    Monday April 28: Sean is forced to reconsider Belle's plan to have a baby. Charity's wedding day is jeopardised by Megan's demands. Laurel starts to feel pushed out by Donna.

    Tuesday April 29: Charity and Cain lock horns over their wedding day. Belle and Sean's secret is out. Marlon cancels his date with Laurel to focus on April.

  • Wednesday April 23: Judith is horrified to discover the stalking has started again, while Niamh does her best to get Paul's new mechanic fired. Kerri-Ann is hurt when she discovers Decco's intentions.

    Thursday April 24: Niamh's bad behaviour backfires, and Dan finds his romantic gesture thrown back in his face. Decco learns a lesson in how to treat girls, and Tommy's campaign of terror escalates.

    Sunday April 27: Niamh tries to steer clear of Michael but ends up in his arms again. Judith comes to realise that Tommy is her stalker, and Decco makes amends with Kerri-Ann.

    Tuesday April 29: Niamh struggles not to give into her desire for Michael, while Judith tries to reason with Tommy. Yvonne and Dan face the practicalities of their relationship.

  • Wednesday April 23: Matt becomes the focus of Paul's frustration as no progress is seen to be made in the case. Brad's dad Doug arrives in town and teaches Josh a few tricks of the building trade.

    Thursday April 24: Paul's distress comes to a head. Lying in hospital, Chris decides to get his life on the right track. Georgia realises how lucky she is to have Kyle back.

    Friday April 25: Toadie is impressed by Naomi's energy and efficiency, while she tries to keep Sonya away from potential clients. Doug is delighted with Josh, but Josh is less enthusiastic.

    Monday April 28: When Paul takes steps to stop Brennan from being given any information about the search for Kate's killer, the two come to blows. Naomi helps Toadie to close the Chilean deal.

    Tuesday April 29: Naomi tries to square things with the Rebecchis. Kate's will reveals that she left everything to Sophie. Karl and Susan try to no avail to get Zeke to open up.

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