• Wednesday June 24: Anna faces a heartbreaking decision. It is Erica's party and she will cry if she wants to! What is Cathy up to?

    Friday June 26: Will Nick come clean about his feelings for Carla? How much longer can Alya keep her secret? Brian is not giving up on Julie.
    Ep 2: Nick's world is turned upside down. Tracy is sick of Brian carping on. Norris and Mary get competitive over the pub quiz.

    Monday June 29: Gail is shocked by Michael's honesty. Brian discovers that Dev is up to no good. Roy and Fiz are curious over Cathy.
    Ep 2: Gail and Eileen scrap in the street. Julie confronts Dev and Talisa. Carla is on a high at the lads' poker night.

  • Thursday June 25: Shirley comes clean to Dean about her plans, but how will he react? Stacey pushes Kush to make a decision about his relationship. Patrick grows suspicious of Vincent's actions.

    Friday June 26: A nervous Dean meets Jade for the first time. Will all go to plan? Shabnam comes to terms with recent events. Vincent comes clean about his past, but is he telling the truth?

    Monday June 29: Masood takes matters into his own hands, and Shabnam finds herself becoming even more removed from her loved ones. Shirley and Buster continue to fight for their family. Patrick remains cold towards Vincent and visits an old friend for guidance.

    Tuesday June 30: Carol attends her hospital appointment and later makes a confession which sends shockwaves through the Square. Shirley is pushed to breaking point.

  • Wednesday June 24: Victoria and Adam reveal the truth to Cain. Priya gives Rakesh an ultimatum. Carly confronts Bob about his interference.

    Thursday June 25: It is Victoria and Adam's wedding day. Aaron makes a shocking discovery. Priya races to stop Rakesh.
    Ep 2: Aaron is forced to save Robert. Victoria's future hangs in the balance. Ross punishes Jai.

    Friday June 26: Debbie is drawn to Ross. Marlon suggests Laurel comes home. Aaron fears Cain is a loose cannon.

    Monday June 29: Moses's future is uncertain. Laurel has doubts about moving back in. Jai kicks Rachel out of her home.

    Tuesday June 30: Charity contacts Moses's father. Ali accuses Jai of harassment. Kerry tries to win Joanie over.

  • Wednesday June 24: Tommy feels hounded when Jane is determined to have him arrested. Pete's behaviour causes Wayne to be concerned, and Neil and Amanda's stunt puts Doug's job at risk. Michael uses Louise's dilemma to get close to her.

    Thursday June 25: Dolores continues to recover but her renewed spirituality drives a wedge between her and Pete. Caoimhe discovers that Damien warned Tommy off and begins to doubt her ability to keep their secret. Neil turns on Doug when his brother enlists Rachel's help in keeping Amanda away.

    Sunday June 28: Wayne and Orla fear the consequences after Caoimhe accuses them of driving Tommy away. Jane is unrepentant when Tommy is cleared of robbing her flat. Pete enlists Fr Bertie's help to make up with Dolores. Rachel regrets refusing an olive branch when Amanda tries to befriend her.

    Tuesday June 30: Wayne and Orla panic when they realise their secret has fallen into the hands of a serious trouble-maker. Mondo's attempt to impress Decco backfires. Louise is surprised when Hayley agrees to help her, for a price. Rachel, after a rocky start at work, wins Doug's support.

  • Wednesday June 24: Brad accuses Terese of trying to set Lauren and Robin up when he discovers that she has sent them on an excursion to another hotel under the guise of comparing logo designs. Paige confesses her feelings for Brennan and kisses him, but he is compelled to reject her, still under the impression that she and Tyler are an item. Daniel takes a trip to look for Amy and offers her a heartfelt plea.

    Thursday June 25: Paul is shocked to learn that Amy has a son, Jimmy, and he regrets not being there for his grandson. Paige thinks that Brad is not happy with Terese and tries to bring him and Lauren back together once again. Tyler's dependency on painkillers gets worse and he steals Karl's prescription pad to source more.

    Friday June 26: When Jimmy goes missing, Amy and Sonya spend a frantic morning looking for him, but when he turns up safe Paul lays his heart on the line and begs her to stay in Erinsborough. Josh asks Imogen to help him sell supplements, but she thinks the company behind it is dodgy and decided to investigate. Toadie volunteers at the Beautification Project and gains an insight into how hard Kyle's is.

    Monday June 29: Nate is nervous about his date with Brett, and is made even more uncomfortable when Alistair, who previously insulted him about being gay, makes an appearance. Brennan tries to reach out to Tyler in an effort to relieve the tension between them but the pair clash once again, and Brennan decides that it is time he called in reinforcements. Josh is fired as a result of Imogen's interrogation of his colleague James.

    Tuesday June 30: Lauren's world will never be the same again after Brad reveals Matt's betrayal with Sharon Canning. Kyle loses his cool when Amy undermines him in front of a client on her first day on the job, but the pair soon come to an understanding. Confused about his intentions, Nate reaches out to Alistair after their kiss but is shocked to discover that he is already in a relationship with a woman.

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