• Wednesday Oct 22: Angry Steve puts Jim in his place. Will Kylie be found out? A familiar face makes a return.

    Friday Oct 24: Ep 1: Can Kylie resist Callum's offer? Michelle tries rekindling her relationship. Yasmeen opens the community centre.
    Ep 2: Will Kylie confess to David? Michelle and Steve are on the rocks. Gary appeals to Alya.

    Monday Oct 27: Ep 1: A suspicious Carla does some digging. Can Kylie kick her habit? Sinead uncovers Cilla's secret.

    Ep 2: Will Rob confess all when Carla backs him into a corner?

  • Thursday Oct 23: As Kat recovers in hospital, she makes a surprising proposition to Alfie. Tamwar is stunned when Shabnam reveals a surprise for his birthday. Sonia demands the truth from Rebecca when she discovers her secret.

    Friday Oct 24: It is time for Kat to go home, but where is home now? Kush tries to charm Shabnam at Tamwar's party, but she is too preoccupied to respond. Rebecca tries to convince Sonia to let her follow her dreams, but is left in a difficult situation when Sonia asks her for her help.

    Monday Oct 27: Nick Cotton is back in Albert Square and he's keeping a close eye on his family. Ronnie and Charlie decide to share their news with the family, but how will Phil react? An upset Rebecca turns up on Carol's doorstep.

    Tuesday Oct 28: Charlie panics when he realises Nick is back. Why has he returned? Carol and Sonia argue about Rebecca. Tosh takes her disappointment at not being pregnant out on Tina.

  • Wednesday Oct 22: Moira is unimpressed by her new house guest. Megan makes a decision. Kirin fights to win back Vanessa's affections.

    Thursday Oct 23: Ep 1: A bombshell is dropped at the Home Farm open day. Defiant Leyla plays hardball. Chas dishes out tough love.
    Ep 2: Katie and Andy worry that an unwelcome visitor might be sticking around. Lisa returns to more stress than she left behind. Kerry and Ali reach an understanding.

    Friday Oct 24: Moira worries for Adam's future. Andy refuses a new job offer. Lisa resorts to desperate measures in order to lose weight.

    Monday Oct 27: Ali's guilt plays heavily on her mind. Katie urges Andy to build bridges. Laurel and Marlon are concerned for April.

    Tuesday Oct 28: Ruby is floored by Ali's confession. Doug is disappointed by Diane's rejection. Chas discovers Lisa's secret.

  • Wednesday Oct 22: Jane has a proposition for Dermot, while Paul and Niamh are at war over their assets. Bob and Renee bid Hughie farewell and Pete's ex-wife Jackie pays Dolores an unexpected visit. Damien tells Caoimhe that he will reveal their relationship to Ama.

    Thursday Oct 23: The pressure increases on Dermot as Paul makes a discovery. Pete is determined to keep Jackie at arm's length. Renee has to face up to the truth about Hughie. Caoimhe and Damien try to set some boundaries.

    Sunday Oct 26: Dolores goes against Pete's wishes to bring Doug and Jackie face to face. Will Pete be able to forgive her? Paul uses Dermot to scam Jane. Hughie turns a corner but is his affection for Renee becoming more than platonic? Caoimhe and Damien's new love makes Laura focus on matters of the heart.

    Tuesday Oct 28: Dermot may think he is about to close the sale, but a nasty shock awaits him. Cass decides that a grieving Charlie needs some help from his friends, while Pete struggles to deal with the fallout from Jackie's return. Meanwhile, Hughie's infatuation with Renee ruins her birthday celebrations.

  • Wednesday Oct 22: Josh's plan to donate a large sum to Chris's fund in repentance for attacking him is thwarted when his loses his job. A jealous Paul decides to put an end to Dakota's flirting non-stop with Brennan by alerting Paige. Mal struggles with the idea of being a dad and looks to Toadie and Sonya for inspiration.

    Thursday Oct 23: Too upset to confront Brennan about kissing Dakota, Paige decides to take matters into her own hands. With Chris now out of hospital, Nate worries about his ability to care for him and has a panic attack when Chris begins experiencing mood swings. A reassured Mal heads back to London.

    Friday Oct 24: Paul finds out that Paige destroyed Dakota's laptop. The police are hopeful of making an arrest when Dakota arranges a rendezvous in her hotel room. Lou fixes a date with Alice's grandmother and taps Bailey for some inside information.

    Monday Oct 27: When Greta discovers that Brennan used to be a cop, the sting operation Brennan and Matt have planned gets messy. Will Paul end up taking the fall for the truck-load of stolen diamonds? Meanwhile, Matt works to keep Daniel from getting mixed up in the operation. Chris questions Nate's loyalty.

    Tuesday Oct 28: Although Susan is sympathetic to his condition, Nate agrees to Karl's request and moves out. But does that mean that he is leaving Chris as well? Dakota tries to pressure Paul into helping her flee the country, but Brennan arrives just in time to stop her. Josh is horrified when he discovers that Jayden views him as a hero for punching Chris.

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