• Wednesday Nov 25: Robert knows Tracy has crossed the line. Gary stays strong at the gym. How will Jamie respond to a threat?

    Thursday Nov 26: Eva remains at arm's length. Sorry is the hardest word for Tracy and Simon. Steph challenges Jamie to do his worst.

    Friday Nov 27: Ep 1: Tyrone is left as deflated as Santa. Jamie offers Steph one final deal. Mary has eyes for Brendan.
    Ep 2: Will Tyrone accept the help he needs? A dignified Steph fights back. Mary is left crushed by Brendan's revelation.

    Monday Nov 30: Sarah returns to Weatherfield with a bang. Michelle has had enough of her lodger. Michael is overstretching himself for Dee.

  • Thursday Nov 26: With Phil in pieces, Sharon resorts to drastic measures to keep her family together. Carmel tries to help Denise move on. Roxy wonders if she has made the right decision about Dean.

    Friday Nov 23: It's Linda's hen party, but will Sharon be able to push through and hide what's really going on? Phil struggles to stay in control. Shabnam and Kush return from their honeymoon.

    Monday Nov 30: Stacey grows concerned at Shabnam's behaviour and later finds herself confiding in Linda. Babe has a surprise for the Carters, but it doesn't go down too well.

    Tuesday Dec 01: As everyone prepares for the outcome of Jade's hearing, Shabnam drops a bombshell. Vincent takes drastic action.

  • Wednesday Nov 25: Chas's fear has disastrous consequences. Jimmy is shocked to discover Nicola's secret. Chrissie struggles with Lawrence's decision.

    Thursday Nov 26: One hour ep : Diane is in critical condition. Ashley has a new perspective of Sandy. Carly and April are partners in crime.

    Friday Nov 27: Concern grows as Diane is given worrying news. David misses his father on his birthday. Emma is unsettled by what she learns.

    Monday Nov 30: Aaron searches for answers. Diane puts on a brave face. Robert takes to the witness stand.

    Tuesday Dec 01: A terrified Chas is pushed to breaking point. Robert gives Andy a warning. Jimmy tries to win Nicola over.

  • Wednesday Nov 25: Eoghan struggles to hold in his secret any longer. Max, at odds with Farrah, finds himself drawn to Heather. Robbie surprises Carol with a romantic gesture.

    Thursday Nov 26: When her attempts to help others don't go down well, Kerri-Ann vows to change. Robbie reveals the truth about his childhood to Carol. Debbie struggles with the fallout from Eoghan's revelation. Heather seizes her advantage as Max and Farrah reach breaking point.

    Sunday Nov 29: Family pressure proves too much for Eoghan, while Kerri-Ann makes a stand and Robbie's dark past bubbles close to the surface. Max's farewell to Heather takes an all-too-familiar turn, but this time someone is watching.

    Tuesday Dec 01: There is new danger for the O'Briens, and Kerri-Ann and Robbie both face resurgent childhood trauma. When an ultimatum forces Max into sudden action, Farrah and Heather face off in the fight of the century.

  • Wednesday Nov 25: The pressure of knowing that she is partly responsible for the school fire is too much for Piper to bear and she decides to run away. Sonya's feelings towards Steph turn a corner and she offers to arrange a meeting with Vanessa on her behalf, but as the meeting approaches Steph is rattled by a strange telephone call. Ben is arrested for starting the school fire, and when the reality of his situation sinks in he resolves to run away with Piper.

    Thursday Nov 26: Brad decides to move back home while Terese recovers from her burns. With the initial adrenaline wearing off, Piper and Ben adjust to the reality of life on the run, but can the pair make good on their decision to leave Erinsborough? Steph is hopeful when Vanessa agrees to meet her, but a surprise phone call sees her grip on reality come under scrutiny, and Vanessa makes her own doubts clear.

    Friday Nov 27: Steph has a minor episode when a customer denies ordering extra work that Steph did on her car, but unbeknownst to her the customer was paid to confuse her. Paige is disappointed at Mark's lack of affection, and his effort to make amends backfires. Feeling guilty over his involvement in the unearthing of Paul's housing plan, Daniel tags along to help him sell a model home, leading to a surprising job offer.

    Monday Nov 30: Aaron investigates when Paul receives a dead rat at his penthouse, but is alarmed to discover that it was not meant for him. Paige reveals her confusion over Tyler, but he is forced to bury his own heartache for the sake of his brother. Ben and Piper are forced to get a job picking fruit despite bad pay, but just as work starts for the day Ben collapses, struggling for breath.

    Tuesday Dec 01: Toadie finds proof that somebody has been playing music through a wireless speaker to make Steph think she was hearing things, and discovers a surprising suspect. When Ben's condition gets worse, Piper calls time on their plan to run away and takes him to hospital where their families catch up with them. Sparks fly between Amy, Kyle and Shay when Kyle organises another interstate pool competition.

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