• Wednesday April 1: Is frightened Faye in labour? Callum looks out for light-fingered Bethany. Carla's return sparks Tracy's jealousy.

    Friday April 3: Ep 1: Faye delivers a bombshell to Anna. Furious David warns Sarah to stay away from Callum. Has Carla got herself a deal?
    Ep 2: Faye's labour is quite the ordeal for all concerned. Sarah flirts with danger. Who will give Carla technical assistance?

    Monday April 6: Ep 1: Volatile Owen demands a confession. Todd is amused by Bethany's antics. Nervous Eileen meets her internet date.

    Ep 2: Faye confides in Anna who the father is. Jason and Sarah play Bethany at her own game. Has Eileen found Mr Right?

  • Thursday April 2: Kat attempts to move on with her life, but her day doesn't go to plan. The tension grows between the Carters when they receive some upsetting news.

    Friday April 3: It's Good Friday in Walford. Jane and Ian do their best to remember Lucy but continue to be pressured by Cindy. Kat resorts to drastic measures. Shirley is shocked when she learns the truth, but who will she believe?

    Monday April 6: Buster is back in Albert Square and has a surprising proposition for Shirley. Kat recovers with the help of Stacey and Alfie following the previous week's events.

    Tuesday April 7: Stan makes a plea to his family, but will they listen? Buster and Mick come to blows. As the war between Max and Phil intensifies, Ben and Jay are forced to choose sides.

  • Wednesday April 1: Adam realises he has made a horrible mistake. Doug is mortified at Laurel's behaviour. Finn discovers who drove Darren away.

    Thursday April 2: Doug gives Laurel a wake up call. Adam begs Aaron for help. Rachel is left disappointed by Jai.

    Friday April 3: Val tries to put things right with Darren. Laurel gives Rhona cause for concern. Jai is forced to ask Rachel for help.

    Monday April 6: Rhona is determined to get answers. Aaron pushes himself too hard. Brenda is unimpressed with Bob's new investment.

    Tuesday April 7: Laurel feels the pressure. Aaron has an accident. Bob tries to prevent Carly from leaving.

  • Wednesday April 1: As Robbie and Carol grow close, Dan's depression threatens to consume him. Aware Leo is struggling following his mugging, Dean takes drastic action to help. Sparks fly when Laura accompanies Nina on her assignment. Kerri-Ann and Frank's romantic evening is derailed by Hayley and an unsuspecting Decco.

    Thursday April 2: As Dan's desperation leads him to the brink, Robbie struggles to bring him back. A traumatised Leo is troubled by Dean's strategy to help, and Kerri-Ann finds her friendship with Decco causes problems for Frank. Laura questions her relationship with Nina.

    Sunday April 5: No episode listed for tonight.

    Tuesday April 7: When Kerri-Ann reveals Hayley's secret she puts her future with Frank in doubt. Bronagh's straight talking hits home with Dan. Louise surprises Dean while romance is in the air for Laura and Nina.

  • Wednesday April 1: On the eve of her wedding, Amber is devastated when Imogen confesses to her that she is in love with Daniel. Terese intervenes to stop Matt from making a terrible mistake and encourages him to stop feeling sorry for himself and make things right with Lauren. Paul tries to sway Daniel by getting his old friend Des Clarke to regale him with the story of his failed wedding.

    Thursday April 2: Amber and Daniel's big day has arrived, but a distraught Amber is still trying to come to terms with Imogen's secret love for her fiancé. Susan catches Harold in mid-conversation with Madge but she assures him that he is not crazy. When Daniel learns about Agnes Robinson's discarded pearl ring, he figures that finding it will restore Amber's faith. Nina admits to Karl and Susan that she and Jack have separated and tries to reconnect with her old self.

    Friday April 3: Daniel and Imogen remain trapped in the well after their failed attempt to find the pearl ring, and their shouts for rescue fall on deaf ears. Amber believes that Daniel has left her at the altar and cancels the wedding, before sneaking off to the bridal suite to be left alone. Paul spies Nina and begs her to sing at the closing concert, and after a little assistance from Karl and Lou she takes to the stage to perform her new song.

    Monday April 6: Nick is stunned when Paul tells him that the research centre location is no longer viable, and in an attempt to get him back on side tells him that there is bad news after his blood screening... Paul has leukaemia. Imogen opens up to Daniel about her feelings for him, but he is firm and tells her that she is not the girl for him. Meanwhile, Josh comforts a distressed Amber who still has not left the bridal suite. Harold leaves Ramsay Street once again to help Sky with her new baby.

    Tuesday April 7: Stuck in the well with no sign of rescue, Daniel comforts Imogen when she has a full-blown asthma attack, and the situation looks perilous when somebody starts pouring water into the well. Nick is rattled when he learns that Naomi is privy to Paul's dodgy diagnosis. Matt notices a familiarity between Tyler and Dimato and asks Brennan to intervene. Worried about Imogen's whereabouts, Josh files a missing person's report.

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