• Wednesday Nov 19: Steve makes an impulsive decision. Will Michael finally meet his son? Alya gets exciting news.

    Friday Nov 21: Ep 1: Will Steve confide in Michelle? Michael is reunited with his long lost son. Julie offers her services to Dev.
    Ep 2: Michelle gives Steve an ultimatum. Will Gavin accept Michael's apology? Dev sees a new side of Julie.

    Monday Nov 24: Ep 1: Will Steve face up to his condition? Gavin bonds with Michael. Tracy resists Tony's offer.

    Ep 2: Steve isolates himself. Will Michael tell Gavin the truth? Tracy makes a tough decision.

  • Thursday Nov 20: Linda is horrified when Mick confronts her over her recent behaviour. Johnny is bemused at the lengths Ben is going to in order to keep his sexuality hidden.

    Friday Nov 21: The reveal of Shirley's secret continues to send shockwaves through the family. Mick keeps pushing Linda for the truth.

    Monday Nov 24: The pressure of looking after Patrick is taking its toll on Denise. Dean is left reeling when Shirley confides in him. Jane returns to Albert Square with some very worrying news.

    Tuesday Nov 25: Ian and Jane are frantic with worry but just as their fears are allayed, Jane's concerns grow. Denise makes a shocking discovery at Patrick's allotment.

  • Wednesday Nov 19: Debbie is floored by Pete's confession. Rodney scuppers Nicola's baby-making plans. Robert works out a plan.

    Thursday Nov 20: Ep 1: Home Farm is raided, leaving Lawrence in peril. Debbie lies to protect Pete's reputation. Belle's tormentor strikes again.
    Ep 2: Robert is smug to have the upper hand. Debbie is rocked by Andy's demands. Belle takes drastic action to stay off school.

    Friday Nov 21: Robert is chuffed by Lawrence's unexpected offer. Laurel faces court alone. Lisa hopes Belle has turned a corner.

    Monday Nov 24: Ross is irked by Aaron's betrayal. Laurel's news spreads through the village. Andy prepares for a custody battle.

    Tuesday Nov 25: Belle lashes out at Lachlan. Finn scuppers date night for Laurel and Marlon. Pete's situation takes a turn.

  • Wednesday Nov 19: Jane makes a shocking discovery that crushes her dreams, while Callum is forced to admit his betrayal to Jane. Yvonne enjoys her manipulation of Dan and Carol.

    Thursday Nov 20: While Cass revels in having a guest, Charlie gets more agitated. Pete is furious when Doug forgets his meeting with Jackie. Jo advises Jane, but will she listen?

    Sunday Nov 23: Carol lays her cards on the table, pushing Dan to make a choice. Jo and Dermot attempt to persuade Callum not to spurn Jane, and Pete wavers over his divorce papers.

    Tuesday Nov 25: Cass and Bela may think they have persuaded Charlie to move in with them, but Charlie's having second thoughts. Dan begins to wonder if getting back with Yvonne is a big mistake.

  • Wednesday Nov 19: Toadie reveals that Chris made an addendum to his victim statement, leaving Josh to assume the worst on the day of the hearing. Rain wants to set up a community called New Eden.

    Thursday Nov 20: Josh is stunned and relieved when the judge hands down a community service order. Brennan wonders if Chris's mother Patricia could be behind the malicious letters.

    Friday Nov 21: Sonya is more than a little rattled by the letter campaign. Kyle and Georgia spot Sheila meeting a strange man, whom Kyle thinks he recognises as his long-lost father, Gary.

    Monday Nov 24: Kyle and Georgia confront Sheila about meeting Kyle's father, Gary. Rain supports Amber when she is feeling under stress and Paige reasserts her feelings for Brennan.

    Tuesday Nov 25: When Amber suggests that Daniel should concentrate on his work instead of his ex's project, Rain's angry reaction betrays her calm exterior. Terese decides to move out of her home.

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