Matt Damon: Bond is stuck in the sixties

The Bourne Ultimatum star Matt Damon has dismissed James Bond as a character stuck in the Sixties.

Damon’s character, assassin Jason Bourne, has been likened to 007.

But the actor said the two could not be more different.

“The Bond thing, I understand the comparison because they are both agents and it’s the world of espionage and all, but the characters are so fundamentally different they almost don’t bear comparison,” Damon said at a press conference in London for The Bourne Ultimatum.

“The Bond character will always be anchored in the 1960s and in the values of the 1960s. It’s so anachronistic when you put it in the world we live in today that Mike Myers made a fortune with his own spy franchise (Austin Powers) – it makes for great comedy.

“Bond is an imperialist and a misogynist who kills people and laughs about it, and drinks Martinis and cracks jokes.

“Bourne is a serial monogamist whose girlfriend is dead and he does nothing but think about her. He doesn’t have the support of gadgets, and he feels guilty for what he’s done.”

Asked if the Bourne films were better than Bond, he replied: “It’s not better or worse, it’s just different and it’s almost impossible to compare.”

British director Paul Greengrass was more direct.

“The Bourne franchise is not about wearing Prada suits and looking at women coming out of the sea with bikinis on. It’s about essence and truth, not frippery and surface,” he said.

The Bourne Ultimatum is the third in the series adapted from Robert Ludlum’s spy novels.

The first two, The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy, took more than 500 million dollars (£250m) at the global box office.

The latest film scored the biggest August opening in US movie history, and opens across the UK today.

Damon, 36, said he had not ruled out a fourth outing provided Greengrass was on board.

“If Paul did it there would be a case for me doing it,” he said, before joking: “It would have to be either porn or a musical. That would reignite the franchise.”

Matt Damon has been taunting rival George Clooney after being named Hollywood’s most bankable star.

Damon recently topped a list compiled by US business magazine Forbes, which worked out that he brings in 29 dollars at the box office for every £1 of his salary.

And he is using it to get his own back on friend and Ocean’s Thirteen co-star Clooney, who is regularly named the world’s sexiest man.

Damon even sent a copy of the Forbes list to Clooney at his Italian home.

“The email that went out to George said, ’Suck it, sexy boy,’ and I attached the article,” Damon revealed.

“He replied saying, ’That’s great, I had that read to me by one of the servants at my villa’.”

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