Ama ruined by cocaine

British R&B singer Shola Ama's career was wrecked by her crippling $1,800 (€1,500)-per-week cocaine habit.

The You Might Need Somebody star became addicted to the illegal drug in the late '90s and started to drink heavily, quickly piling on weight.

Ama, 25, became so dependent on the drug, she was unable to get out of bed in the mornings and was eventually dropped by her record label.

She says: "I first tried it (cocaine) out of boredom. That was the beginning of my downfall.

"The label eventually told me: 'We think you have a career - but we don't think it's going to be with us.'

"I sank into deeper depression. At the UK Garage Awards I had to be carried up to present the award. People were like: 'She's finished.'"

The singer - who finally quit the drug after an 18-month battle - is now plotting a chart comeback.

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