Stone blames Alexander flop on 'homophobic' America

Director Oliver Stone has slammed American audiences as homophobic, and blames this prejudice for the flop of his latest movie Alexander in the US.

Stone expects the epic biopic, which stars Colin Farrell as bisexual Alexander the Great, to perform better in Europe as he believes Europeans have a better understanding of ancient history.

He says: "Americans don't read about ancient history like the Europeans. And in America there is a raging fundamentalism and morality.

"From day one the Bible Belt people did not show up because there was one phrase throughout the media and that was 'Alex the gay'.

"So you can bet you’re a*s the Americans aren't going to see a war hero who in their heads has something wrong with him.

"But I don't regret what I have made here for a minute. It's the epic of my life."

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