Beyonce filmed documentary 'to inspire Blue Ivy'

Beyonce att he premiere last night

Beyonce hopes her new documentary will inspire her daughter.

The superstar decided to create her new tell-all HBO film 'Life is But a Dream' to give her 13-month-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter a source of strength and inspiration in the future and make her proud to see where she came from.

Speaking at the film's New York City premiere last night, she said: "I hope that she will see all of the beautiful times [and] all the tough times that led up to her being here. I'm hoping that... it can comfort her and inspire her in her life when she needs it."

While the 31-year-old singer believes it's important for every woman to retain an air of mystique, she felt the time was right to share her story with the world and celebrate the new stage in her life.

Beyonce told 'Access Hollywood': "Mystique is very important... It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity. Just as a woman, I think it's important.

"But, at the same time, I felt like it was time for me to share my story because I've been through so much and I have so much to celebrate, so much to share."

The 'Halo' hitmaker found the process of starring in, directing and producing the documentary therapeutic and said it helped her "heal" from her past mistakes.

She added: "There is something really powerful and liberating and freeing. I feel free. I feel like I've been able to heal from a lot of things because of this film and editing this film.

"I've learned so much about myself, having to watch hours of footage of my life and my mistakes and things I did right and it just really has been an incredible learning experience."

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