What ever happened to Cornflakes Christmas baby? She went on an exchange to UCC

We all love this ad.

The part where she says 'ho ho ho' is up there with bells chiming at the start of the Coca Cola 'Holidays are coming' ad.

That little blonde girl in the baby pink onesie was in fact played by twins Alexandra and Holly Stapley in the late eighties.

According to Imdb the girls wen on to play a number of roles in TV shows such as:

A Touch of Hope (1999)

If You Believe (1999) and

Baby on Board Baby on Board (1992)

Alexandra had a part as Taylor Wedell in 'Mean Girls' also.

Pic: Showbiz Geek

Bringing the story of this iconic little girl closer to home, either Alexandra or Holly studied in UCC in the 2010/2011 academic year as an exchange student.

According to The UCC Express their features writer Cáit Moloney shared a house in college with one of the Cornflakes Christmas baby, which she declined to name.

Since then the girls have both moved on from the big screen. Showbiz Geek reports that Holly qualified as a nurse and recently got married, while Alex is a sales rep with Nissan in Toronto.

According to Shaun Rickard of Hookmorefish.com the twins also featured in his fishing TV series.

Here is the picture provided on his website Urban Outdoor Adventures of Holly and Alex in 2007. Is this them?

We are currently trying to figure out what became of the girl who says "I don't know this seems very unorthodox" but according to Buzzfeed the older brother in the advert now makes viral videos about Saving Private Ryan now.

In the words of the Cornflakes Christmas baby, "Ho, ho, ho".

By Fiona O'Donovan
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