Waterstones: 'Fleets of trained owls' to deliver books

An owl

Online retailer Amazon raised eyebrows this morning with the announcement that is was testing a drone delivery system.

That's right. Drones. Delivering your stuff from Amazon.

Here's the video.

As the world issued a collective 'seriously?', UK retailer Waterstones was quick out of the blocks with their PR response - O.W.L.S.

"We're excited to announce the Ornithological Waterstones Landing Service, a brand new way to receive your favourite books," said Waterstones, trying hard not to snigger.

"O.W.L.S. consists of a fleet of specially trained owls that, either working individually or as an adorable team, will be able to deliver your package within thirty minutes of you placing your order."

And look, they made a little video too…

"Putting O.W.L.S. into commercial use will take a number of years as it takes ages to train owls to do anything and we only just thought of it this morning."


You can read more about this wizard wheeze on Waterstones' blog, where the FAQs are something to behold.`

Q: Will we one day see a fleet of Waterstones’ owls in the sky?

A: Yes! And it’s going to be amazing.

By Conor Hallahan
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