Butterscotch Kit Kat - latest in history of weird sweet treats

We have no plans to go all Heston Blumenthal, but the story of Cork girl Emma O’Keefe sending Kit Kat a suggestion to make a butterscotch flavoured bar has our taste buds salivating.

Nestle, who make the four fingered treat, sent the 14-year-old a package of butterscotch flavoured bars before Christmas after she wrote to them last summer.

And although they have "yet to decide" whether they will produce a limited edition run of the bar (*cough* PR *cough*) they are not the first confectionary manufacturer to try something a little different - with mixed results.


1 Coca Cola Vanilla

It was the soft drink which caused a big divide, but we must admit we were quite partial to the special edition Coke. If you know anybody who can bring some back from the US or, for reasons beyond our knowledge, the Ukraine, then we’d like you very much.

2 Wispa Mint

With sales declining, Cadburys decided to pull Wispa from the shelves in 2003, but the chocolate giant failed to envisage that four years later the power of social media would be felt and fans of the bubbly bar would campaign for its return.

A limited run was produced and its popularity was so great that after stock ran out, Cadburys decided Wispa would be back for good. A run of limited edition lines - including Wispa Gold and a Wispa flavour McFlurry - have since been produced.

Still, we long for a Wispa Mint.

3 Cadbury’s Berry Creme Egg

We know Cadbury’s have had many different twists on the most popular of Easter treats, but can anybody remember having a Berry Creme Egg? They were discontinued in 1997 and even a picture of the magenta wrapped delight is proving hard to track down. ]

So here's a big egg on wheels instead. You get the drift.

4 Texan Bar

Seeing as Nestle are so willing to take suggestions on board, how about another re-launch of Texan Bars? In 2005, after a survey in the UK named the nougat bar as the most popular of all time, it came back for a six-week run. It’s just a pity more weren’t re-produced.

5 Tayto chocolate

And only last weekend, a picture surfaced on Twitter of a Tayto chocolate bar. Yeah, you read that right.

Now we’re all aware of Golden Crisp and the likes (geddit?), but when social media lit up with questions over whether the bar had a cheese and onion flavour to it, we were unsure if it would work.

Disappointingly for those curious enough to try such a weird combination, it turns out it is just plain old milk chocolate and doesn’t contain any potatoes.

Confectionary treason or a moment of genius…if someone in Tayto feels like sending us a batch, we would have no problem calling it for the record.

(Source: twitter.com/Wafflewaitress)

Any that we've missed from the list?

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