How we feel about Jack Nicholson retiring in GIFS

Today, it was announced that Jack Nicholson has quitely retired from acting.

At first, we were a little bit shocked at the news and couldn't believe it.

Then, we went straight to denial. Everything's fine! We're happy. We're very happy.

But then there was anger. He had more to give. WHY? Why couldn't he do another Departed? Can we exchange, say About Schmidt for another movie? IT'S NOT FAIR!

I'll tell you what. You can have Leonardo di Caprio instead for the retirement home. He's never going to win that oscar anyway, and, look, we've been making him practice being Jack Nicholson. He's practically the same.

And anyway, why would Jack leave his audience? Doesn't he know we love him? Is it something we said? What, what, what?

Maybe we'll just go home and watch our favourite movies over and over again and wallow in our self-pity.

No- that's not what Jack would do. You know what he'd do? He'd deal with it like a bad-ass.

Happy retirement, Jack. May you enjoy your days surrounded by many piles of dollar bills, celebrating your success. Hopefully in a purple suit.

By Dave Molloy

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