Bumper sticker calling for 'Any Functioning Adult' to run for US president in 2020 goes viral

Before people with political views had the internet, they had bumper stickers.

So often, particularly in the US, these little adhesive labels proclaim a person’s voting intentions – with slogans such as “Hillary For President” and Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” adorning vehicles since 2016.

But for Daniel, an engineer from Atlanta, his candidate for 2020 must fit some pretty simple criteria – “Any Functioning Adult”.

A picture of Daniel’s bumper sticker, as seen on his wife’s car, received more than 140,000 upvotes on Reddit. The post’s caption read: “At this point, sure.”


The sticker is a response to the current US president, but asked why it has proved popular online he said “probably because it is nonpartisan”.

“Society works best when different worldviews each get their turn solving our problems, so I’m generally content no matter which party is in power,” Daniel told the Press Association. “This guy is different.

“Narcissism and impulsivity are great traits for reality television, but dangerous when deciding the fate of the Korean peninsula. Ideologically, he clearly has autocratic tendencies, and doesn’t much seem to understand the point of things like free speech, free press and democracy.

“So I’m anxious for our republic, and just want a somewhat normal human being in that office again.”

Created using an online template on Vistaprint, Daniel announced has said the bumper sticker is now public domain and authorised “anyone to print and sell more”.

(courtesy of Daniel)

Asked why he thinks bumper stickers are so popular in the US, Daniel said: “Not sure. They are obnoxious, aren’t they?

“Maybe it’s a vain attempt to add purpose to the miserable commutes we impose on ourselves.”


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