Research shows more Irish companies offering perks to keep employees

Office dogs, lunchtime yoga and free beers have become more common in the Irish workplace as bosses look to boost morale and compete for staff.

New research from shows that perks have risen by 135% in the past five years, with companies also providing free food, gym membership and laundry services.

Chris Payne from says the usual benefits are being replaced by everyday perks.

He said: "Professionals are free to shop around for the best employment package, and on-the-job perks can help to sway them one way or the other.

"To a prospective hire, this shows a commitment to culture and a positive working environment.

"Some companies have taken it a step further and introduced quirkier perks, like free beer fridges, on-site massages, music rooms, yoga classes, and a ‘dogs welcome’ policy.

"As employers demand more from their employees in terms of hours worked and always-on availability, perks also help to reduce stress and offset personal costs, particularly food spend."

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