Teen officially called 'Girl' after Iceland officials deny permission to use own name

Officials have denied a teenager permission to use her own name.

A teenager is suing Iceland after being denied permission to use her own name.

Blaer Bjarkardottir, 15, is taking her country to court after she was told she is not allowed to use her moniker because it does not appear on the nation's Personal Names Register, which exists to prevent kids from being given embarrassing names, Sky News reports.

Blaer's mother was denied permission to use her daughter's name by a committee parents have to apply to if a moniker does not appear on the list, which is made up of 1,712 male and 1,853 female names.

Blaer's name was mistakenly allowed by her baptising priest and she is now known as "Stulka", meaning girl, on various documents including her passport.

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