Affleck and J-Lo flick tipped for disaster

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez's new film is being tipped for disaster by those who have attended early screenings of the romantic comedy.

Originally called Gigli, the film, which is now known as Tough Love, has been beset by problems, reports the New York Daily News.

Affleck and Lopez, who met on the set early in 2002 and are due to marry later this year, had to return to the New York location in the New Year to reshoot the ending after test audiences gave it a thumbs down.

But even with a new ending it is not winning fans.

The film website Ain’t-It-Cool-News is tipping Affleck and Lopez for next year’s Razzie Awards. Calling the film “unreleasable,” the web site’s reviewer says:

“Tough Love has some of the most truly awful dialogue ever heard on screen.”

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